Ultrasound Care

Protect the Probesholster

Always holster your probe (see image to the right)

  • Each probe is about $10,000 and has dozens of fragile crystals
  • When the probe hits the ground it can dislodge one of fragile crystals and forever ruin the image quality
  • Never leave the probe dangling from the machine
  • Never leave the probe resting unsecured on the bed or table top


Clean after every useHydrogen perox

  1. Turn off the ultrasound
  2. Wipe down the probes and buttons on the console with Hydrogen Peroxide wipes (green top bottle) or alcohol based sanitizing solution (hand sanitizer)

Don’t Touch the Screen

  • Never use bleach or hydrogen peroxide wipes on the screen
  • When needed you can wipe the screen, use a cloth towel mildly dampened with water or alcohol prep pads

Clean the screen

C. Diff Isolation

  • Use bleach wipes (blue top bottle) to clean the probes after leaving a C Diff isolation room.
  • DO NOT use the bleach wipes on the console, keyboard or screen because this will corrosion of the device.